Strength Beneath the Surface™

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is DUROCK™ tile membrane?

A. An easy-to-install, thin, waterproof and vapor-permeable membrane for use under tile in floor, wall and countertop applications. With its cementitious surface and superior tile bond, DUROCK tile membrane provides panel-like performance without the weight. DUROCK tile membrane, combined with DUROCK tile membrane adhesive, provides an effective crack-isolation system solution for tile installations over concrete.

Q. What is DUROCK™ tile membrane adhesive?

A. A multi-purpose adhesive with an advanced acrylic polymer, no solvents and very low VOC emissions, primarily developed for use with DUROCK tile membrane to create a crack-isolation system.

Q. What is crack isolation?

A. Crack isolation is a common practice used when installing tile over concrete. By using a crack isolation product or system you can prevent settling cracks in the concrete from migrating up through the tile and/or grout.

Q. Can DUROCK tile membrane be used with floor warming mats/systems?
A. Yes, DUROCK tile membrane can be used with floor warming mats/systems. We recommend installing the floor warming mat on top of DUROCK tile membrane, then installing tile.

Q. How are the products installed?

A. It is easy to install both products. DUROCK tile membrane adhesive is trowel- or roller-applied over the substrate that will be covered with tile membrane. The DUROCK tile membrane is then embedded into the adhesive using a smooth trowel. Where sections of tile membrane are to be adjoined, the adhesive is applied over 2” of the leading edge of the installed membrane and overlapped with the next section of membrane. This process is continued until the entire area is covered—no mechanical fasteners are required.

Q. Can DUROCK tile membrane be installed using thin-set mortar or mastic?

A. Yes. DUROCK tile membrane can be installed using an ANSI A136.1 Type 1 organic adhesive (tile mastic), or an ANSI 118.4 latex-modified thin-set mortar; however, installation with these products will not provide crack isolation. To achieve crack isolation, DUROCK tile membrane must be installed with DUROCK tile membrane adhesive.